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Together, to bring the authentic taste.

We base our work on the concept of sharing the Italian food culture with everyone involved: the producers we collaborate with, the restaurants we supply, and the people who eat there. Our goal is to enrich the lives of all the people with whom we share our project.

Together, to bring the authentic taste.

Together, to bring the authentic taste.

Our Company

We supply Italian food and wine to more than 5000 restaurants throughout Japan.

We are dedicated to sharing the Italian gastronomic culture in Japan with the many Italian restaurants in our territory. Similarly, making our customers happy with superlative products is our main goal. We are always looking for new items to propose to our customers; if you wish to launch your products on the Japanese market, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can make your products known in Japan, and spread the extraordinary Italian food culture.

President Makoto Saito

President Makoto Saito

Our Work

We offer a wide variety of products from all over Italy, including pasta, tomatoes and olive oil, as well as all the ingredients used in Italian cuisine, wines from all regions and craft beers that embody the spirit of the makers. We would be happy to collaborate with producers who sympathise with our philosophy, in order to valorise their products together.

Our Commitment

We deliver the message, values and traditions that manufacturers want to convey with their products. 
We distribute the products at prices that are reasonable not only for our customers, but also for the producers.
We are committed to enriching all the people who collaborate with us.

Our mission is to convey the manufacturers' message and values correctly in Japan.

In order to communicate to Japanese restaurants as accurately as possible the excellence of the products and the gastronomic culture from which they originate, we visit our partners in Italy and learn alongside the producers. We see it as our mission to transmit to Japan the values and the philosophy that we learn directly in the places of production.

Our on-site visits

Our on-site visits Our on-site visits


Company name

Kameya Foods Ltd.


Makoto Saito


272-0126 1 Chidori-cho Ichikawa Chiba Japan Google Maps






Wholesale distribution to professional activities of imported products such as food and non-food products, wines and other spirits, rice, coffee, etc.


21 October 1964

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Our Partners

Monte Bussan Corporation/Japan Europe Trading Co.,Ltd./Foodliner Limited/OVERSEAS CO.,Ltd./Mottox inc./Bonta'del Tirolo Japan Ltd./CA.FORM.JAPAN Co.,Ltd./TOP TRADING CO.,(FAR EAST)LTD./Murakawa Corporation/Norlake International Co.,Ltd.

The history of Kameya Foods

The beginning:


The founder, Yoshimi Saito, joined Kameya Tsurugoro Shoten, a company handling imported food products in Tokyo, in 1920. He worked there for twenty-three years, accumulating experience and knowledge in the food industry, until the company went bankrupt during the war due to difficulties in sourcing imported products.

In the picture, the third seated from the right is founder Yoshimi Saito.

In the picture, the third seated from the right is founder Yoshimi Saito.

From the establishment to the company name change:


Foundation of the company Shinbashi no Kameya Ltd, and start of operations.


Company name changed to Kameya Foods.


Headquarters moved to Shiba 4-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Re-organization and relocation:


Kameya Foods Ltd. is founded and Hiroshi Saito is appointed President.


The head office is relocated to Takara, Ichikawa, Chiba.

In the picture, former President Hiroshi Saito at Ichikawa.

In the picture, former President Hiroshi Saito at Ichikawa.

Designation of the current director and move to the current location:


Makoto Saito is appointed President.


Relocation to 1 Chidori-cho, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, the current location of the headquarters.